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 Lion City Coffee


A Taste of the Singaporean Style Coffee Shop

Singaporean style coffee “kopi” is known distinctly for a bolder and full-bodied taste profile, based on a blend of robusta in addition to arabica, liberica, and other beans. Lion City Coffee offers a menu of favorite sweet and savory Singaporean dishes along with our coffee. 

The Singaporean coffee shop (or "kopi-tiam") is coveted as the hub for Singapore neighborhoods where locals congregate to sit, eat, drink, and chitchat. These kopi-tiams typically serve coffee, tea, and other beverages, to be paired with other foods.

Lion City Coffee is founded and inspired by a family of Singaporean immigrants and their first generation American little ones. Our recipes were passed down, recreated, and refined over the years to bring a taste of home to NYC.

We are currently serving at select markets in NYC (see Events below) and catering to private events. Find us on social media, or simply reach out to us using our contact form below or at

Our Menu



Coffee served sweetened with condensed milk, unsweetened with milk, or black

Kaya Toast

Toasted bread with kaya (coconut, pandan flavored jam) and lightly buttered.

Nasi Lemak

Coconut flavored rice cooked served with ikan bilis (crispy anchovies), peanuts, hard boiled egg, and sambal chili, your choice of chicken. 


    Set A - Ayam goreng (Malaysian fried chicken)

    Set B - Curry chicken with potatoes

Roti Prata

Griddle flatbread accompanied with a rich curry dipping sauce.

Mee Pok

Egg noodles with minced pork and fishballs

Chai Tow Kueh

Stir-fried radish cake

For a catering menu, please inquire using our contact form below.


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Exciting things are happening in 2020. Stay tuned for details!

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